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Product Family Overview

Wastewater Sump/Sewage

HVAC/General Water Services


Federal Pump Full Accessory Catalog

Close Coupled Pumps

VL – Full Catalog

Close Coupled End Suction Pump

Condensate Return

Complete Condensate Return Unit

Duplex Vacuum Condenstate Return System

VCL Condensate Return Unit

MC/MMC – Condensate System Brochure

Domestic Water Systems

Packaged Tank Fill System – Installation And Operating Manual

VSPS – Duplex End Suction with VFD

VSPV – Duplex Vertical VFD Booster

VSPV – Simplex Vertical VFD Booster

VSPV – Triplex Vertical VFD Booster

Flexible Coupled Pumps

CCF-CGF-CKF – Supplemental

Sewage Pumps

FCP Chopper Literature

MSC – Submersible Chopper Pump Full Catalog

MSC(QD) – Submersible Chopper Pump – Quick Disconnect Full Catalog

PIB Plus Sales Catalog

PIB Pro Sales Catalog

PIB Sales Catalog

Sewage Pump – Io&m Manual

VSA – Vertical Sewage Pump

VSABM – Dry Pit Sewage Pump Brochure

VSABM – Dry Pit Sewage Pump Operation & Maintenance

VSABM – Dry Pit Sewage Pump Supplemental

VSAF – Vertical Sewage Pump Brochure

VSAF – Vertical Sewage Pump Operation & Maintenance

VSAF – Vertical Sewage Pump Specification

VSS – Submersible Sewage Pump Brochure

VSS – Submersible Sewage Pump Operation & Maintenance

VSS – Submersible Sewage Pump Supplemental

Sump Pumps

ALTS – Full Brochure

ALTV – Sump System Brochure

ALTV – Sump System Operatation & Maintenance

ALTV – Sump System Supplemental

B – Submersible Sump Utility Pump Full Catalog

C -Submersible Sump Utility Pump Full Catalog

P – Submersible Sump Utility Pump Full Catalog

POS – Elevator Sump Pump Operation and Maintenance

POS – Elevator Sump Pump

Q – Submersible Solid Sump Pump

S – Stainless Steel Submersible Sump Pump

Sump Pump Family Of Curves

VB1.5 – Vertical Sump Pump Brochure

VB1.5 – Vertical Sump Pump Operation & Maintenance

VB1.5 – Vertical Sump Pump Supplemental

VSS 2.5 – High Head Sump Pump Catalog

VSP – Vertical Sump Pump Catalog