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Serving New York City’s five boroughs and the Tri-State Region for more than 90 years, Federal Pump manufactures pumps and pump systems, and is a leading service and repair company though PumpMan NYC, servicing all makes and models of commercial, industrial and municipal water pumps and pump systems.

The Company was formed in 1927, manufacturing condensate returns and boiler feed units for the commercial heating industry. As the business grew, the product line was expanded to include end suction centrifugal pumps, and sump and sewage lift stations.

Federal Pump’s designs are the result of decades of development and can be found in most specifications for low rise buildings in and around New York City. Federal Pumps are designed to cost-effectively optimize performance, efficiency and reliability from acquisition through installation, and during the pumps’ full operational life cycle.

The Company strives to ensure the highest level of quality is maintained. From concept design to finished products, Federal pumps are designed to last.

In 2017, after almost 90 years of family ownership, the assets of Federal Pump were sold to PumpMan, a leading pump, pump system and service & repair company.

PumpMan seeks to re-establish Federal Pump as a leading pump systems brand for the commercial, industrial and municipal markets in the Tri-state area.

The company is committed to providing customers with exceptional products and service in both its core market of low-rise buildings, and through expansion into the high-rise market with its booster pump systems.

In 2017, The Jean Nouvel-designed MoMA Tower installed Federal Pump’s Submersible Sump Pumps, Sewage Ejectors Pumps, Variable Speed Booster systems, and Tank Fill systems, which included Federal’s new and innovative pressure manifold controller that keeps staff from needing to enter roof tanks for maintenance.

The service and repair arm of Federal Pump now operates as PumpMan NYC, the New York City service center of PumpMan, a national pump service and repair company.

With the resources of PumpMan and the strong legacy of Federal Pumps Service & Repair, PumpMan NYC aspires to be the premier pump service and repair company in the New York City Metro area.